Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Junction Bistro

Mesti korang tertanye-tanye kenapa takde caption yang specific kat restoran ni berbanding restoran-restoran lepas.. Sebab dia... punya-la-lama-aku-mikir-caption-apa-yg-sesuai-sampai-naik-fed up-dan-teruskan-menulis. Haha.. Dah 2 jam sambil dgr lagu-lagu Hujan cam Kota Raya (ft Altimet, layan gak lagu ni) tapi tak kuar gak caption yang suitable. Tapi takpe nak share jugak ke-best-an restoran ni.

Another thing I went to this restaurant during a conference at Cheras. So I.... I.... I.... Saya melantak je la pe yang ada. Apa nak kesah harga. Hahaha... So, here's the journey at The Junction Bistro begins

This restaurant is located at Bangunan Seri Cempaka Service Suite just next to the PRGM building here in Cheras. I'm there for a lunch with other colleague right after the conference ended.I am very sorry for not being able to take any foto for the lunch menu that I have had. But in the meantime I will share about some of their desserts, and other food stuff.
Here's what they called fish ball salad (Naa.... Actually that's the best I can come out with). Its actually had vege ball, sausage, meat ball and the other family of balls here together they mixed it with special mayonnaise, onions, capsicum (lada benggala) with some lemon juice to make more juicy and fresh. I LOVE THEM! Mau dua tiga kali jugak la buat muka tak malu pi amik lagi sekali.
So, here's the a vege salad. The true great.. great... great grandmother in salad family before the birth of fish ball salad. I would not comment any further on this as you can see all the vegetables that normally been used in salad making.
And if you are not satisfied with the combinations of the salad, biasa la orang Melayu kan lidah lain-lain.. Ada yang suka masam skit, ada yang suka pedas skit, ada yang letak teh o.. What??? Teh O??? So, here they are also providing you with other sauces or should I say dip sauces.

I dont know what the name of this, or should I called it Rojak? Up untill now I really dont know how to differentiate rojak, pasembur, and gado-gado. Somebody care to explain to me? I really appretiate it. And another one is Rojak Singapura. Hehe.. Wait, its still rojak rite? !@#@!$%%
And here we come to the desserts available here. This is really unfamiliar with me and even I dont know what its been called. But I do know it's like a mini pau with red beans filling inside it. Pretty cute and its taste good!

Here's are some other desserts that have here. My favourite? The cheese cakes with chocolate and strawberry on top of it (the picture on the top). Very the uummmppppphhhhhh.........

This is some of the picture inside the restaurant.

It is a nice place for us having a lunch here. For a student like me, will wait for another conference to eat here. And I believe they have many types of meal that they can offer if u visit this restaurant. Till then, wait for my next entry!


  1. haha... ada peluang mai la pi... dgr kata ada steamboat sini.. not sure plak.. huuhu


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