Saturday, February 12, 2011

Crunchy Fluffy Ayam Goreng offered by Ayam Penyet Ria

Last night when I am having a small gathering with my group members, I went to The Summit USJ, Subang Jaya. We were searching for a chinese Muslims restaurant there, but it seems had been closed down. Then we decided to searching around is there any restaurant to go instead of having a usual fastfood restaurant back in Shah Alam. Then we saw this..

As the picture says, "Indonesian Cuisine" we decided to try some of their foods to see what our neighbour country's foods look like. We decided to take the Gong Xi Fa Cai promotions as it cost arounds 60 bucks for a four pax meals. Here's what in the meal

Nasi putih x 4
Lele penyet x 1
Ayam penyet x 1
Beef rib penyet x 1
Udang penyet x 1
Sup ayam kampung x 1
Sup ekor lembu x 1
4 types of drinks (cucumber/cincau longan/iced lemon tea)
FREE Gado-gado

Pretty decents offer rite? We go with the drinks first, CUCUMBER?????!! For people with unknown experience having a cucumber juice (like us) would never order that drink. But, don't worry. Bukannya dapat sejenis je minuman. Drinks will be served in glass. So, kalau korang mintak cincau longan dpt la cincau longan.
YEAH!!! My drink had arrived. Rasanya tak seperti air buah-buahan + longan/laici yang biasanya saya order kat kedai. Air dia memang rasa cincau. Bila makan longan tu baru rasa longan. So, bagi sesape yang tak suka air longan (yang kebiasaannya orang kedai buat manis giler) jangan risau. Bak kata orang tua saya ckp manis- manis buah.
This is our first menu called Ayam Penyet. What's so special about this ayam goreng is the fluffy structure of the chicken with the combination of crunchy "keriuk-keriuk" as the MAMEE advertisement said. In each plate of Penyet menu they will have a fried tempe, fried tofu, cabbage, sambal tumis, and cucumber. I guess Malays traditions & food are full with cucumber like we re having here. WATCHOUT for the sambal tumis! ITS REALLY HOT!!

This is udang penyet. I am allergic to seafood especially prawn... Tapi takpe, kita amik satu je buat rase-rase. Udang dia mmg lembut. Member saya siap cakap lagi, sampaikan kaki-kaki udang tu pun boleh makan.
This is beef rib penyet. Sedap & lembut. My first impression when I see this, "Cam liat je daging ni..". But first impression tells nothing untill you try. Very fluffy soft! huih.. EMPUKNYE << Kalau orang kampung saya cakap.
This is lele penyet. Have you ever wonder why it's called lele penyet? Ikan apa lele ni? Nampak macam ikan keli aku beli nasi campur semalam. Thats right folks. Lele is ikan keli. Dalam bahasa jawa nama dia Iwak lele = ikan keli. Since they are Indonesian cuisine so they decide to remains the name.

Ini sup ekor dia. Not much different from others oxtail soup. Tapi saya lagi prefer kedai tomyam yang buat sebab dia ada rase masam-masam skit sup dia. Yang ni just plain je. + bau lembu dia agak kuat.
This is sup ayam kampung. Its taste good and the chicken meat is nicely done.

And This is the FREE gift! Gado-gado as its been called. Dalam ni ada keropok brinjar (I dunno what its you people called this. But my family and i called keropok Brinjor), keropok udang, telur rebus, sayur kubis, tomato, kentang, taugeh yang dilimpahi dengan curahan kuah kacang bersama bawang goreng...

Now I know why it is penyet instead of let it be like that when u fried. Every penyet menu comes with nice fluffy structure of meat. In my opinion soft meat and crunchy keriuk-keriuk is the best combination and Ayam Penyet Ria did a good job by come out with that idea.

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