Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Junction Bistro

Mesti korang tertanye-tanye kenapa takde caption yang specific kat restoran ni berbanding restoran-restoran lepas.. Sebab dia... punya-la-lama-aku-mikir-caption-apa-yg-sesuai-sampai-naik-fed up-dan-teruskan-menulis. Haha.. Dah 2 jam sambil dgr lagu-lagu Hujan cam Kota Raya (ft Altimet, layan gak lagu ni) tapi tak kuar gak caption yang suitable. Tapi takpe nak share jugak ke-best-an restoran ni.

Another thing I went to this restaurant during a conference at Cheras. So I.... I.... I.... Saya melantak je la pe yang ada. Apa nak kesah harga. Hahaha... So, here's the journey at The Junction Bistro begins

This restaurant is located at Bangunan Seri Cempaka Service Suite just next to the PRGM building here in Cheras. I'm there for a lunch with other colleague right after the conference ended.I am very sorry for not being able to take any foto for the lunch menu that I have had. But in the meantime I will share about some of their desserts, and other food stuff.
Here's what they called fish ball salad (Naa.... Actually that's the best I can come out with). Its actually had vege ball, sausage, meat ball and the other family of balls here together they mixed it with special mayonnaise, onions, capsicum (lada benggala) with some lemon juice to make more juicy and fresh. I LOVE THEM! Mau dua tiga kali jugak la buat muka tak malu pi amik lagi sekali.
So, here's the a vege salad. The true great.. great... great grandmother in salad family before the birth of fish ball salad. I would not comment any further on this as you can see all the vegetables that normally been used in salad making.
And if you are not satisfied with the combinations of the salad, biasa la orang Melayu kan lidah lain-lain.. Ada yang suka masam skit, ada yang suka pedas skit, ada yang letak teh o.. What??? Teh O??? So, here they are also providing you with other sauces or should I say dip sauces.

I dont know what the name of this, or should I called it Rojak? Up untill now I really dont know how to differentiate rojak, pasembur, and gado-gado. Somebody care to explain to me? I really appretiate it. And another one is Rojak Singapura. Hehe.. Wait, its still rojak rite? !@#@!$%%
And here we come to the desserts available here. This is really unfamiliar with me and even I dont know what its been called. But I do know it's like a mini pau with red beans filling inside it. Pretty cute and its taste good!

Here's are some other desserts that have here. My favourite? The cheese cakes with chocolate and strawberry on top of it (the picture on the top). Very the uummmppppphhhhhh.........

This is some of the picture inside the restaurant.

It is a nice place for us having a lunch here. For a student like me, will wait for another conference to eat here. And I believe they have many types of meal that they can offer if u visit this restaurant. Till then, wait for my next entry!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Crunchy Fluffy Ayam Goreng offered by Ayam Penyet Ria

Last night when I am having a small gathering with my group members, I went to The Summit USJ, Subang Jaya. We were searching for a chinese Muslims restaurant there, but it seems had been closed down. Then we decided to searching around is there any restaurant to go instead of having a usual fastfood restaurant back in Shah Alam. Then we saw this..

As the picture says, "Indonesian Cuisine" we decided to try some of their foods to see what our neighbour country's foods look like. We decided to take the Gong Xi Fa Cai promotions as it cost arounds 60 bucks for a four pax meals. Here's what in the meal

Nasi putih x 4
Lele penyet x 1
Ayam penyet x 1
Beef rib penyet x 1
Udang penyet x 1
Sup ayam kampung x 1
Sup ekor lembu x 1
4 types of drinks (cucumber/cincau longan/iced lemon tea)
FREE Gado-gado

Pretty decents offer rite? We go with the drinks first, CUCUMBER?????!! For people with unknown experience having a cucumber juice (like us) would never order that drink. But, don't worry. Bukannya dapat sejenis je minuman. Drinks will be served in glass. So, kalau korang mintak cincau longan dpt la cincau longan.
YEAH!!! My drink had arrived. Rasanya tak seperti air buah-buahan + longan/laici yang biasanya saya order kat kedai. Air dia memang rasa cincau. Bila makan longan tu baru rasa longan. So, bagi sesape yang tak suka air longan (yang kebiasaannya orang kedai buat manis giler) jangan risau. Bak kata orang tua saya ckp manis- manis buah.
This is our first menu called Ayam Penyet. What's so special about this ayam goreng is the fluffy structure of the chicken with the combination of crunchy "keriuk-keriuk" as the MAMEE advertisement said. In each plate of Penyet menu they will have a fried tempe, fried tofu, cabbage, sambal tumis, and cucumber. I guess Malays traditions & food are full with cucumber like we re having here. WATCHOUT for the sambal tumis! ITS REALLY HOT!!

This is udang penyet. I am allergic to seafood especially prawn... Tapi takpe, kita amik satu je buat rase-rase. Udang dia mmg lembut. Member saya siap cakap lagi, sampaikan kaki-kaki udang tu pun boleh makan.
This is beef rib penyet. Sedap & lembut. My first impression when I see this, "Cam liat je daging ni..". But first impression tells nothing untill you try. Very fluffy soft! huih.. EMPUKNYE << Kalau orang kampung saya cakap.
This is lele penyet. Have you ever wonder why it's called lele penyet? Ikan apa lele ni? Nampak macam ikan keli aku beli nasi campur semalam. Thats right folks. Lele is ikan keli. Dalam bahasa jawa nama dia Iwak lele = ikan keli. Since they are Indonesian cuisine so they decide to remains the name.

Ini sup ekor dia. Not much different from others oxtail soup. Tapi saya lagi prefer kedai tomyam yang buat sebab dia ada rase masam-masam skit sup dia. Yang ni just plain je. + bau lembu dia agak kuat.
This is sup ayam kampung. Its taste good and the chicken meat is nicely done.

And This is the FREE gift! Gado-gado as its been called. Dalam ni ada keropok brinjar (I dunno what its you people called this. But my family and i called keropok Brinjor), keropok udang, telur rebus, sayur kubis, tomato, kentang, taugeh yang dilimpahi dengan curahan kuah kacang bersama bawang goreng...

Now I know why it is penyet instead of let it be like that when u fried. Every penyet menu comes with nice fluffy structure of meat. In my opinion soft meat and crunchy keriuk-keriuk is the best combination and Ayam Penyet Ria did a good job by come out with that idea.

Flames your taste bud with Flaming Steamboat

Like my other entries. In this entry I would like to talk about the best steamboat buffet you can get in town. Have you ever gone to Johnny Steamboat or Seoul Garden before? Well this restaurant gives you an amazing offer with 150 choices of steamboat dishes from ketam, udang, fish ball, chicken ball, and my favourite is the cheese ball. It’s some kind of fish ball in cone shape. When u take the first bite of it, u will see the hot melting white cheese with herbs flowing out of the ball.. Just imagine the feeling of the cheese flowing inside your mouth.. Ummmmm… Thats make me hungry.

Flaming steamboat is located near the Sunway Pyramid (Just outside the new wing). The pleasant environments in the restaurant give the customer flexibility to choose cool airconditioner air for those who like the casual eating style, and outside restaurant which give you more santai environment with family and friends.

Ini adalah view pada food island yang menyajikan pelbagai sayur-sayuran, buah-buahan & makanan bergoreng. Makanan-makanan bergoreng tu macam biasa la.. Nasi goreng, Mee goreng, etc. Hehe..
Over here at this shelf, there are various types of mee from mihun, mi sua, maggi mee, even seaweed pun ada… Nampak tak seaweed aka rumpai laut?? Tu yg kt hujung warna hitam tuu…
Haaa…. Yang ni la yg buatkan orang ramai terliur bila memandangnya. Haha.. Dalam peti ni ada seribu satu macam makanan laut & bebola yang saya rasa korang semua jarang jumpa.
Haa.. Yang ni peti bebola. Apsal macam sikit je???? Haha.. Ini baru satu peti je abang kakak. Sebenarnya peti ni ada empat. Pastu ada 2 peti besar pulak (macam selalu yang kita Nampak kat tesco tu) kat side lain.
Haa.. Ini hidangan saya malam ni.. Saya ada cakap pasal cheese ball kat awal-awal tadi kan? Guess what, the cheese ball is the cone shape in the picture. Actually it’s not cone la kot. More suitable to call it bawang shape. Hihi.. Kalau korang datang sini, try la cheese ball ni
PS: AMARAN KEPADA PENGGEMAR KEJU. Ada dua jenis bebola bentuk kon ni. Satu cheese satu lagi chicken. Make sure you take the right ones to avoid further disappointment. Muahahahahaha!!
Kat sini dia sediakan dua jenis sup. Sup tomyam sebelah & sup ayam sebelah dia. Dua-dua sup ni boleh refill kalau habis. Yang penting NO EXTRA CHARGE!
More pictures of food that available here.

Selain makanan-makanan ala cina kat atas, ada juga tersedia kat sini MARSHMALLLOWWWWW!!!!!  Yang ni pic marshmallow yang telah disimbahi dengan limpahan coklat cair yang menyelerakan. Nyum2…

Setelah penat makan, akhirnya sebagai penutup bicara kita dihidangkan dengan aiskrim (Amik sendiri). Here they got multiple choices of ice cream such as vanilla, chocolate, yam, strawberry,  fruity (my fav), and sometimes chocolate chips ice cream!
So in my opinion, I would not hesitate to dine in this restaurant again. They give you the best service they can give and make sure you are satisfied enjoying your meal. Bagi yang ada peluang berkunjung la ke Flaming Steamboat utk merasai kehangatan stimbot sebenar. Tapi restoran dia ni cepat penuh. So, My recommendation: Call them before you go there.
For more details logon to Flaming Steamboat website

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Best satay so far... Satay UK!

(Perhatian! Ini bukan gambar hiasan. Ini adalah gambar saya capture sambil menahan air liur utk membaham sate-sate tersebut)

Apa yg dimaksudkan dgn UK? Kena pegi United Kingdom ke? Semata2 nak makan sate>???
Bkn2.. ni nama gerai sate. Dan saya nak tanya:
  • Adakah anda Fedup gara2 sate di tempat anda kurang sedap & servis yang agak lembab sehinggakan anda terpaksa berpindah ke gerai mamak sebelah walaupun anda tahu awek anda allergik dgn mamak?
  • adakah anda sudah jemu dengan sate2 lain yg member2 anda rekomen kpd anda yg mereka ckp sate terbaek dr ladang (wlupun pd hakikatnye anda tau member anda tu baham apa pun dia ckp sedap)
  • adakah anda mahukan kelainan memakan sate dengan PULUT PANGGANG?
HAH??? pulut panggang??? 
YA! pulut panggang!(asal? xcaye ke? xpyh ar nganga lama2.. teruskan membaca) 

Jawapan yang tepat bg anda, Sate UK @ Sate Urat Keting. Kedai sate ni terletak di Seksyen 7, Bangi (dekat2 area kajang jugak la). Kalau korang jumpa petronas Seksyen 7, haa... dah dekat la tu jawabnye.

Korang belum masuk kedai lagi dh terbau2 aroma sate yang menusuk kalbu. Bagi penggemar-penggemar dan penggila-penggila sate, saya berani gerenti mesti time ni la air liur dh mencurah2 ke atas lantai. Jangan jatuh atas sate yg tgh kena bakar tu udah la ye... Abe pun nk makey jugok ni.. 

 Environment dalam kedai agak baik. Diorang menggunakan konsep kopitiam (dah jadi macam trend dah sekarang). Selain sate, ada jugak menu2 lain seperti roti bakar, nasi goreng, dsb.
Kedai sate ni actually ada dua (bertentangan antara satu sama lain). Kepada yang bawak ahli keluarga ramai jangan risau tempat duduk, confirm ada untuk makan beramai-ramai.

Setelah panjang lebar bercerita tentang kedai, akhirnya menu yang ditunggu-tunggu telah tiba. Bersama kuah kacang yang masih panas-panas lagi ni membuatkan terliur pula si penulis di malam hari. Ermmmmmm... Mana pulut panggang yang hangat diperkatakan tu? Tak nampak ke?? Jap... Bagi jelas skit.

Haaaaaaa.... Jelas dah??? Belah kanan panjang tu.. Nampak? Tapi actually itu bukan pulut panggang (pulak dah!) hahaha... Jangan ar kecewa dulu.. Itu adalah ketupat. Dalam bentuk yang panjang. Tuan kedai ni terlalu kreatif sehingga ketupat yg selalunye orang-orang melayu buat bentuk petak, dibuat memanjang. Haa.... satu lagi usaha utk menjadi lain daripada yang lain. Good Effort! Rasenye camner??? Rase ketupat nasi la.. haha

Anyway, sate ni worth utk anda rase/melantak sakan. Secucuk berharga 70 sen. Tapi mmg patut rege dia tujuh posen sebab sate dia besar dan rempah ratus diperapkan dengan sate tu terasa hingga ke dalam.. huih.. Terliur dh ni. 

Ini personal opinion saya. Saya dah try sate Hj Samuri (Sate Kajang). Pada pendapat saya, Sate Hj Samuri sedap tang kuah dia. Kalau sate UK ni sedap tang sate dia. Haa.. Dua2 ada advantage la kiranya. Kalau korang pernah makan di sini, apa kata korang share pengalaman korang. (^_^). Bagi yang tak pernah mencuba, selamat mencuba!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Halal Food Hunt and Its Journey

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone,

This is my first entry of my blog. So, what I am hoping here is to share with u guys on the delicious Malaysian FOOOOOOOODDD (argh.. that makes me starving). Haha.. Malaysia Terkenal dengan Food Heaven sebab terlalu banyak jenis kedai makan; tak kira la samaada makanan barat ataupun makanan timur (Ni la salah satu sbb banyak advertisement kat surat khabar pasal risiko rakyat Malaysia terhadap diabetes la, obesiti la... huih... takut2). Problemnye dah terlalu banyak sampaikan kita tak tau nak makan mana (Its happen to me) dan kita sebagai Muslims pulak kadang2 susah nak cari makan kedai2 yang halal ni.. Betul tak?

But anyway, its not a fault to share somethings good right. So, tak mau cakap banyak.. Enjoy few of food pic that I've taken~

Will come out with a lot of update in the future. Stay followed! 
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